Understanding The Septic Tank Treatment System

The septic tank treatment system is where there is a steel or concrete tank for disposal of the wastes from the house. Contrary to the sewer system, where many houses in the same neighborhood are connected to one central system, this system is for one house alone.

It is the responsibility of the house owner to construct it and maintain it on their own. This system is mainly preferred by people who like to be Eco-friendly. This is because there is no use of chemicals to clean and purify the waste so that it can be reused.

Now that you already know the difference between the septic tank systems and the sewer system, it is important that we get to know more about the septic tank system.

A septic tank treatment system consists of two major components; the drain field, where the water is released after it is filtered and the place where the sediment settles. There are several types of septic tank systems and it is important that you get to know the one that you are using at your house. It can be either Standard or alternative system.


This is the conventional design of a septic system, where the wastes move by gravity from the house and into the tank and automatically into the drain field. The septic tank system, which is located beneath the house is usually made of fiberglass, polythene or even concrete and water settles in the tank for a long while so that the solid materials are allowed to sediment.

The solid wastes that settle at the bottom are the ones that require to be dumped out every now and then and disposed at approved sites. The water is then allowed to flow into the drain filed where drain pipes that are perforated are set on gravel or buried in trenches. The water is then allowed to trickle as the sand, microbes and soil act as filters. This area with the buried pipes should not have any trees, bushes or vegetation. This is because the root may interfere in the filtration process.

The Alternative System

This is the best system to use in places were factors like the size of the property, nearness to a wetland and even the type of soil limit the installation of the standard system. This system is more sophisticated as compared to the standard system and therefore costs more. The septic cost Valdosta GA depends on the types. The two most common types under this category are the treatment alternatives and the drain field alternatives.

The treatment alternative is a system that focuses on treating and purifying the water before it gets to the drain field. On the other hand, the drain field alternative is the method that focuses more on dispersal of water from the drain field end of the septic tank system.

Understanding the septic tank treatment system is one of the things that can help you know the proper cleaning and maintenance required for your system. It is also important when you want to install your own septic tank system. This is because you will be able to know the system that is best for you depending on your locality and even your budget. The guide above helps you to get a better understanding of the septic tank treatment system.