Month: May 2017


I feel as if I must re-introduce my career in theology again in order to make a point. As a graduate of Whitefield Theological Seminary with two M.A. degrees (straight A’s by the way), one thing I do know is Reformed theology. As a Preterist, I have sought to remain within the framework of Reformed […]


  A treatise on the Interpretation of the Old and New Testament   CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY Hermeneutics Defined HERMENEUTICS is the science of interpretation.  The word is usually applied to the explanation of written documents, and may therefore be more specifically defined as the science of interpreting an author’s language.(1) This science assumes that there […]

Chapter 2 Biblical Recognition of The Gods and Cults of The Nations

BIBLICAL DOGMATICS PART THIRD OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN SECTION FIRST THE UNIVERSAL REVELATION     Gods of the Nations. Allusions to the various gods of the nations with whom Israel came in contact are frequent and abun­dant in the Scriptures. We are told that the ancestors of Abraham, who dwelt in old time beyond the […]


  APOCALYPSE OF NOAH AND THE FLOOD THE deluge which occurred in the days of Noah is presented in Genesis as the first great world-judgment upon mankind. Through out the biblical narrative Noah appears as the great, central figure to whom God reveals his purpose to punish the wickedness of men, and to rescue from […]


APOCALYPTIC ELEMENTS IN HEBREW SONG   THERE, has been no little misapprehension, both of single composi­tions and of entire books of the Bible, by reason of a failure to recognize the pictorial element which is conspicuous therein. The Hebrew tongue is itself the language of metaphor and passion. The frequent occurrence of the word “behold” […]

What is the Greatest Sin?

  Many of us, throughout our growing up, can give an answer to what the greatest sin is. And, for sure, I know that many of us have even heard of the movie entitled “SEVEN,” back in 1995, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, where the plot outline speaks about “two cops, one new and […]


STATEMENT DH018   Evangelism is essential to the Christian faith and life. For this reason it is rightfully emphasized in many of our best churches. However, once an individual is converted, as he faces the question of what to do with the rest of his life on earth, what priorities he should have now that […]

Abraham’s Four Seeds

by John G. Reisinger (New Covenant Theology) Introduction Background and Reason for Writing      This book originated as a short presentation for public discussion.  A group of Amils and Premils got together (along with some of us who are not convinced of any prophetic position) and discussed each other’s view in the same session.  Three […]


(Part 3) Soteriology § 1. Preliminary Principles.    § 2. Division of the Contents of the Decalogue.    § 3. Preface to the Ten Commandments.§ 4. The First Commandment.    § 5. The Invocation of Saints and Angels.   § 6. The Second Commandment.§ 7. The Third Commandment.    § 8. The Fourth Commandment.    § 9. The Fifth Commandment.    […]

CHAPTER X. Creation

(Part 1) THEOLOGY PROPER   Ł 1. Different Theories concerning the Origin of the Universe.   § 2. Mediate and Immediate Creation. § 3. Proof of the Doctrine.  § 4. Objections to the Doctrine.    § 5. Design of the Creation. § 6. The Mosaic Account of the Creation. Ł1. Different Theories concerning the Origin of the […]