Day: May 3, 2017

CHAPTER IV. The Concomitants of the Second Event

(Part 4) Eschatology   § 1. The General Resurrection.    § 2. The Final Judgment.    § 3. The End of the World. § 4. The Kingdom of Heaven.  § 5. The Theory of the Pre-millennial Advent. § 6. Future Punishment.   THE events which according to the common doctrine of the Church are to attend the […]

CHAPTER XIII. The Exaltation of Christ

(Part 3) Soteriology   § 1. Resurrection of Christ.    § 2. Ascension of Christ.    § 3. Sitting at the Right Hand of God. § 4. Christ’s coming to judge the World. According to our standards the exaltation of Christ includes, (1.) His resurrection. (2.) His ascension. (3.) His sitting at the right hand of God. […]

CHAPTER XII. Humiliation of Christ

(Part 3) Soteriology CHAPTER XII. Humiliation of Christ   § 1. Includes his Incarnation.    § 2. He was made under the Law.    § 3. His Sufferings and Death. § 4. He endured the Wrath of God.  § 5. His Death and Burial. § 1. Includes his Incarnation.       The Apostle tells us that Christ […]

CHAPTER V. Prophetic Office

(Part 3) Soteriology   § 1. Nature of the Prophetic Office.    § 2. How Christ executes the Office of a Prophet. § 1. Nature of the Prophetic Office.       According to Scriptural usage a prophet is one who speaks for another. In Exodus vii. 1, it is said, “See, I have made thee a […]

CHAPTER III. The Origin of the Soul

(Part 2) Anthropology § 1. Theory of Preexistence.    § 2. Traducianism.    § 3. Creationism.    § 4. Concluding Remarks. § 1. Theory of Preexistence.     THREE theories have been advanced as to the origin of the soul First, that of the Preexistence of the soul; secondly, that of Traduction, or the doctrine that the soul of […]

CHAPTER III. Anti-Theistic Theories

(Part 1) THEOLOGY PROPER   § 1. What is meant by Anti-Theism.    § 2.Polytheism.   § 3. Hylozoism. § 4. Materialism.  § 5. Pantheism. § 1. What is meant by Anti-Theism.       As Theism is the doctrine of an extramundane, personal God, the creator, preserver, and governor of all things, any doctrine which denies the […]

CHAPTER VI. The Protestant Rule of Faith

(Intro)   § 1. Statement of the Doctrine.    § 2. The Scriptures are Infallible, i. e., given by Inspiration of God. § 3. Adverse Theories.  § 4. The Completeness of the Scriptures. § 5. Perspicuity of the Scriptures. The Right of Private Judgment.    § 6. Rules of interpretation. §1. Statement of the Doctrine.       […]


I feel as if I must re-introduce my career in theology again in order to make a point. As a graduate of Whitefield Theological Seminary with two M.A. degrees (straight A’s by the way), one thing I do know is Reformed theology. As a Preterist, I have sought to remain within the framework of Reformed […]


  A treatise on the Interpretation of the Old and New Testament   CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY Hermeneutics Defined HERMENEUTICS is the science of interpretation.  The word is usually applied to the explanation of written documents, and may therefore be more specifically defined as the science of interpreting an author’s language.(1) This science assumes that there […]

Chapter 2 Biblical Recognition of The Gods and Cults of The Nations

BIBLICAL DOGMATICS PART THIRD OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN SECTION FIRST THE UNIVERSAL REVELATION     Gods of the Nations. Allusions to the various gods of the nations with whom Israel came in contact are frequent and abun­dant in the Scriptures. We are told that the ancestors of Abraham, who dwelt in old time beyond the […]